top of page is the basis for all citizens owning + controlling their assets and lifes.  Keith Duncan

World Journalist Author Missionary for all Mankind or Prime Consultant of all time.

  For 59 years, Keith has emerged as the worlds first and premier problem solver master teacher. Use world changer 5 step  SolutionFinal  to solve any GOD's view issues down to micro DNA conflict bigot and racist conflicts that cause self genocide destruction of human race for refusals to protect Keith and his re-emerging Evangelist Broadcast GOD's rights activist Crusader teams for our new universal Church of Justice and PEACE that empowers humanity to DEAL with crime and restore total peace and harmony.

  When this ONE world changing answer becomes mainstream reality, no super wealthy can exist as their GOD's wealth is redistributed back with

Click:  that is the original patentable world business description held by 'false crook' John Yates at mmmLaw.COM Atlanta GA USA as the only method for controlling stock holder and employee ownership rights for all corporations.  The criminal ruling elite are almost all the Corporate Executives and underground criminal enterprises. They control the Politics (Political Action Committees, lobbyists, appointments, hiring), banks, trade commerce, our legal judicial system, and the obscene number of man-made laws regulations, contracts, procedures that systematically drain all assets and control of wealth to the 500 Billionaire families who already control 7% of the worlds value of 7.5 Billion People. Do the math and you see .0000000666 percent of world controls 7% as 666 Mark of the Beast explained on . Many more billionaires are the terrorists and criminals who actively prostitute our Constitutional Laws and rights using the criminal assets acquired from their un-educated victims. will be eliminated forever as soon as the churches, press, and public 'Take Action with Authority of Fearless People to benefit all Others'.

     There are few people left in any of the worlds upper and middle classes as they are burdened with debt and inability to change their own economic conditions. is the simple new By-Pass and Corporate laws that give immediate ownership voting rights to all stockholders and employees. This allows them to electronically vote at any time on their own leadership and pay compensation to scuttle the absolute control of the Board of Directors who routinely enrich themselves with Billions $$$ in stock grants, insider trading, and secret deals hidden by all their high paid LIAR-Lawyer firms and 'raiders' at the shareholder, taxpayer, voter, and citizen expense.

    Few people who are salaried or hourly employees will ever be efficient by creating work-flow management practices to reduce their paper chase regulations and overhead as well as create new stockholder value for the companies they own. Work Ethics and Integrity have become dinosaur relics of the original creations of small businesses and entrepreneur firms. The absolute #1 Crimes against Humanity in world history are the World War Three cyber crimes and Political Crime Terrorists of the and 


Berny Dohrmann CEO of

   Berny's CEOSpace #1 Educational Forum receives 90% of the first $1 Billion (yes B-Billion) USD profits from World Trading Enterprise Partner Ministries as soon as they enlist our membership and Platinum Members to go fully public with all these gifted Acts of Wisdom that change our entire world, one relationship at a time. Note: Keith is Platinum member with his $45,000 USD investment in Feb 2011.

     With this huge cash infusion (Board of Directors of: Hugh Ballou, Ed Bogle, Harry Lay, Les Brown, Kathy Lee, Kathy Hampton, Dennis Graham, Bob Proctor, Dr David Gruder, Eve Horton, etc,) , CEOSpace will convert Las Vegas (lost wages) from Sin City to Saved City where families and business entrepreneurs come to learn all about Integrity, the most efficient Business Processes, financing, regulatory compliance, raising capital, communication skills, relationship building, and the other key foundational skills to ensure Ethics are enforced at all levels of business transactions that eliminate almost all governmental oversight and regulations. 

     Even Berny was Maliciously Prosecuted and jailed for 2 years for an SEC violation that never occurred.  Berny is producing a Hollywood style movie by this same name.  Berny refers to most governments as Gestopo agents who routinely profit by Holding Innocent WhistleBlowers and criminal anti-terrorist technologies since they are deathly afraid of Public, Press,  and Church exposure for their own Crimes Against Humanity.  Anyone can contact Keith to ask anything at all about the True State of Humanity and why GOD only intervenes at the very last Revelation moments.

    This was the same Feb 2011 month after initiial criminal larceny by Ms. Bashama and Robert Dee Rose and  in Cobb County GA USA  per forged Marietta P.D. 1.11.2506 reported used to kidnap Keith Oct 3, 2011 at CEOSpace to prevent ROSE's death row convictions and investigations by all USA military Criminal Divisions of the USA government. explains why Keith asks for Military to investigate the Political Corruption of all related civilian IRS, FBI, AG, USmarshal Agencies tied to Treason, Espionage, and Sedition by rogue Government agents like DAG Sally Yates, Norfolk VA Federal Judge Thurman Jackson, Cobb County GA USA DA Berry Vic Reynolds, and each specific criminal like Doug Duncan, Sherry Duncan, Norcross GA Lawyer Jimmy Deal, and related 7 counties of Terrorist Criminal Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors, District Attorneys, Police Criminal Investigators all tied directly to ROSE by their own signatures and false testimony. These include IRS agents,, Maurice per IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009, 658 worth $8 Million USD in rewards based on ROSE terrorist attacks on USA government and USA military as well as coordinated cyber attacks by Terrorists Alexander Cyclone Covey of

USA Marshals Tom Shell and have also implicated their groups of Felony crimes.

Your Name goes here.


  This is reserved for the next Partner of who is investigated, vetted, compliant, and joins the world changing movements modeled by to ensure self-compliance and regulation at local community levels around our mutual world.

Here is the missing link 'White Space' filled with the Holy Spirit to ensure the survival of 7.39 Billion of my people = Mankind.  Click: to see WHO I AM John 10:30.  Jan 15, 2008 was the true start of Terrorist Threats to Keith's Life by Robert Dee (Amy) Rose with attempted extortion of Keith by Rose using his own $109,800 USD 3 Promissory Notes as Rose finances the rest of his #1 World Crime Enterprises starting with + 15 other RICO terrorist cabal organizations ending with + + many other super crime enterprises delivered back to the world of Interpol, Congress, United Nations. all Press, all churches and the entire public.

Jesus Christ  (


i  Keith's original Board of Directors includes Jesus Christ, the FATHER GOD, the Holy Spirit in the form of the Holy Trinity. They are the only true benefactors who have protected Keiths life since Jan 15, 2008 historical threats by the Anti-Christ ROSE and his satanic devils clearly shown on as well as each crime scene video recorded and broadcast to the world.

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