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"I come from a family that has systematically broken county, state, and federal law based on false premises and to enrich themselves at my expense since I have been vindictively persecuted by criminals inside and outside the USA government starting back on Jan 15, 2008 regarding #1 Terrorist ROSE.  I clearly  work for all of humanity including helping all criminals make restitution by teaching all citizens how to LOVE and CARE for each other.  Humanity can easily create more living wage jobs, improve all our schools and education systems, and make public safety, including gun control and ability to proactively PREVENT all Politicians and leadership from conducting Political and Criminal Enterprise Kingdom building as seen on famous PCTerror.  With +57 years of impeccible credientials and Prime Consultating  experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental and corporate issues at all levels, and teach all of humanity how to do the same....."


EDUCATION shows how each community funds it's own educational system with bypassing all the Political criminals and Tax Collection agencies who skim our tax dollars with the most inefficient and often criminal intent to ensure their own paychecks, benefits, and self-entitlement programs.  The famous Wash the Sin out of Washington D.C. #25 video is how to get 'the QUARTER BACK'.  No football humor is implied. and are auto-play Video Solutions for world.


  Once the truly unrepentant and unsaved criminals are identified with, their assets are seized by the and community leaders to finance the building of brand new self-regulating communities. The Chinese and many other countries have perfected the ability to architect, access raw materials, supply well trained labor, and build new communities around our mutual world to ensure mankind's survival from self-genocide. Poverty is eliminated except for the criminals who reside in restored Alcatrac Island and in New Dehia India slums that I inteed to visit as soon as the world provides Keith Duncan Sovereign Ambassador Emissary status and protection from all these criminals who cringe with horror when they see their days are indeed numbered by their own crimes and confessions.


  This primary issue was solved 4 years ago with  Keith will be more than happy to explain to the world how this is 100% possible using the virtual database repository of medical knowledge and use of statistics ot determine the greatest risks so that scientists and medical researches can actually coordinate efforts. This bypasses all the profit hungry criminals who often control our legal and medical malpractive industries and are collectively eliminated from self-profiting as LIAR-LAWYERS using the comprehensive TORT REFORM of and  (Cut and Paste these URL links as I am truly tired of doing all the world's work of solving all these prime and secondary 'WORRY" issues, international wars, poverty, homelessness, starvation, slave trading enterprises, and actual self-genocide of mankind caused by the Criminal Ruling Elite and pure raw, unadultuous Predator Greed..


   Gifted is the Nobel Peace Prize Worthy patent applied for invention through in Summer of 2012 by Keith Duncan through Attorney Clark Wilson using Brian Walker who ended up being a murdered (Alleged) criminal who sold off all of KEITHS" assets using a single forged Power of Attorney.


   Diversity is eliminating the BIGOTS, CYNICS, HYPOCRITES, BLINDED FOOLS, and CRIMINAL BROOD of VIPERS from Matthew Chapter 23.   This is easy to accomplish internationally with

  If one has a problem, then one is expected by their fellow mankind to also propose the solution. Otherwise they are just a BLAST of HOT-AIR similiar to the false promises made by most politiclans to get elected so they can literally SKIM your assets into their own coffined coffers.

BUSINESS and are truly the only standards needed to ensure ethical complicance of all business transactions as everything is open for public disclosure when any conflict or issue arrises. Only pschyopaths such as Robert Dee Rose will cringe with horror when they see they can never again conduct business with false promises and their own signatures on contractual documents thinking they can escape Justice by paying off LIAR-LAWYERS, Police Investigators, Judges, and all other legal and law enforcement persons who have sworn to uphold the rights of the citizens who fund their jobs and benefits. 

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