top of page part of you and GOD's perfected outreach ministries procreated by Keith Brent Duncan of Current issues of are reality of of 99% of all mortals worship LUCIFER by being brainwashed to GET THAT NEXT HIT named Emotional Orgasm.

  Always was 100% easy for each of YOU to self save yourselves by use of GODs to REPLACE your repetitive worry stress psychotic mindset of GOT TO HAVE IT NOW with positive full scale forward thinking and ACTION to serve and protect all others forever.

   We have detailed reality of WW3-5 are about to destroy all mortals by direct actions of Criminal Ruling Elite.  Worst issues are always covered up by more drug, sex, sin, vice, crimes.  We have the only methods to self save all mortals from any ADDICTION using GODs simple agreement system on paper and video audio recorded to ensure self compliance.

  Anyone in world addicted to DRUGS, Alcohol, Gambling, SEX  not only HARM themselves, but everyone else around them. We do have sociopath psychotic persons whose only purpose is to destroy the lives and assets of others like Eric Rodolph, Hitler, Stalin, NKorea Fatso Sung Jung-Un, and even almost Chinese Communist 205 party dictators.

  CALL and DIRECTLY BOOK Tom Haag from Las Vegas Nevada at +1 725-248-1260 gifted this +20 Million USD valued anti any addiction master teaching forum programs includes and of Charles Rogers at +1 404 579-5615 to teach your groups how to reverse ANY addiction once and forever.

  Includes master teaching in our Churches, Civic Centers, community meeting rooms, even Town Halls today.

  CLICK HERE to go to Master HOME Page with full GODs details of fast path reversal of ANY addiction known by man and controlled by named criminals and world terrorists at

  Related: value exceeds $20 Trillion USD of 100% green ecology underground mining required to rebuild GODs utopia of


  Reverses ALL the economic wars of Criminal Ruling Elite strip mining GODs world while manipulating all commerce trading platforms to destroy any honest integrity person leaders from eliminating the existing LUCIFER agenda first families worldwide once all of you use EVOTE.ONE part of the most perfected comprehensive turnover of all GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and ALL CORPORATE EXECUTIVES of any public traded corporation.


  The true value of all the combined technology copyright patents of this one most profound totally gifted broadcast website exceeds over $450 TRILLION USD by anyone observation and R&D statistical analysis.

Keith. +1 770-377-2106  $40 Billion USD is now located and hiring top problem solving megaMillionaires (or you) in Asheville NC USA as world famous multinational MegaBillionaire enterprises of direct funding 200 to 300 new EDUCATION Technology Foundations owned + staffed by YOU our most beloved GODS people forever. Offices colocated Biltmore Estate + the BG Cove. Manufacturing, Medical, Education, Science, Technology is our only stream lined focus since Dawn of GODs civilization who procreate human advance of We GODs people.

   Everyone BENEFITS using GODs methods of Duncan

  EVEN TOM HAAG showcased now 11 years MUST be contacted and to testify everything using GODs for his confessions of confirmed true reality conspiracies with ROBERT DEE ROSE at and continuous denying he is impoverished because of his decades old addictions to mixed drugs that he was broker transporting back in ~1998 to year 2009 his confessions. was GODs simple self saving solution use of so each of you identify the root cause of any addiction and all 'bad habits'. Once you act with fearlessly authority to protect the rights of all others, you are hereby the most powerful contributing leader of your very own self sustainable eco community of and open public fully shared Database of GODs was always the method to ensure no more criminals can ever roam freely.  Worst terrorists in world history want all of you dead while they escape and hide from WW5 caused by the most horrific sociopath psychopaths includes Robert Dee ROSE and GBI Director Berry V. Reynolds


  Exactly WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect keith and your lives, assets, and souls RIGHT NOW. Book call +1 770-377-2106.

Below is the true reality ultimate story of how Criminals like Federal Judge Raymond A Jackson of Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 and AG Sally Q Yates, then AG Robert Bradenham of Norfolk VA actively conspired to MURDER Keith by forced drugging him on claims of applying illegal precedent laws from 25 years ago of Charles Sell. Then each criminal terrorist group conspired together (cabal) went back to seal, forge, change, destroy all criminal timelined evidence to coverup their crime spree crimes against humanity. End result is WHO is easy to search seize arrest by each of your Citizens efforts.


  All of these WMD crimes of HereSay are immediate convictions to Prison and Death ROW for all tied to ROBERT DEE ROSE using GODs original EVOTE.ONE, and to pass judgment on any offender civil and criminal defendant. Keith was always the #1 world leader offensive Class Action Lawsuit Plaintiff and pro creator of all the procreate recreate the Garden of GODs UTOPIA FOIA.ONE of E.D.E.N.  Updated 2022Dec06.

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