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Keith. 770 377 2106  $40 Billion USD is now located and hiring top problem solving megaMillionaires (or you) in Asheville NC USA as world famous multinational MegaBillionaire enterprises of direct funding 200 to 300 new EDUCATION Technology Foundations owned + staffed by YOU our most beloved GODS people forever. Offices colocated Biltmore Estate + the BG Cove. Manufacturing, Medical, Education, Science, Technology is our only stream lined focus since Dawn of GODs civilization who procreate human advance of We GODs people.

   Everyone BENEFITS using GODs methods of Duncan

  EVEN TOM HAAG showcased now 11 years MUST be contacted and citizens arrested for HIM to testify everything using GODs for his confessions of confirmed true reality conspiracies with ROBERT DEE ROSE at and continuous denying he is impoverished because of his decades old addictions to mixed drugs that he was broker transporting back in ~1998 to year 2009 his confessions. was GODs simple self saving solution use of so each of you identify the root cause of any addiction and all 'bad habits'. Once you act with fearlessly authority to protect the rights of all others, you are hereby the most powerful contributing leader of your very own self sustainable eco community of and open public fully shared Database of GODs was always the method to ensure no more criminals can ever roam freely.  Worst terrorists in world history want all of you dead while they escape and hide from WW5 caused by the most horrific sociopath psychopaths includes Robert Dee ROSE and GBI Director Berry V. Reynolds

 Exactly WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect keith and your lives, assets, and souls RIGHT NOW. Book call +1 770-377-2106.

Below is the true reality ultimate story of how Criminals like Federal Judge Raymond A Jackson of Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 and AG Sally Q Yates, then AG Robert Bradenham of Norfolk VA actively conspired to MURDER Keith by forced drugging him on claims of applying illegal precedent laws from 25 years ago of Charles Sell. Then each criminal terrorist group conspired together (cabal) went back to seal, forge, change, destroy all criminal timelined evidence to coverup their crime spree crimes against humanity. End result is WHO is easy to search seize arrest by each of your Citizens efforts.

  All of these WMD crimes of HereSay are immediate convictions to Prison and Death ROW for all tied to ROBERT DEE ROSE using GODs original EVOTE.ONE, and to pass judgment on any offender civil and criminal defendent. Keith was always the #1 world leader offensive Class Action Lawsuit Plaintiff and procreator of all the procreate recreate the Garden of GODs UTOPIA FOIA.ONE of E.D.E.N.  Updated 2022Aug29.

Aug 29. 2022  Current focus is immediate civilian, military, DOJ arrests of super terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE, now cyber criminal Tom Haag at Las Vegas +1 725-248-1260, Ukrainian criminal Dennis Chernonog at 405 Roswell Hills Place, Roswell GA cell (470)929-5498 by any FBI or COURT JUDGE order to recover Keith and your trillions of USD pirated wealth and actually command our leaders to complete peacemaking at all levels forever. Includes protecting the life of Keith Brent Duncan by calling us directly and putting us all on National NEWS to personally answer any question about HOW millions of scammers, criminals and terrorists all roam freely by persecuting and murdering their very own victims using our and GODs resources. Since no one actually ENFORCES any Constitutional or  Statutory laws, KEITH personally sent by GOD just rewrote simplified all aspect laws of GODS chosen people forever by mass publicity of to change the course of all human legacy intrinsic persistent history forever.  CALL US directly right now. Ask all top FBI Corporate Executives to DO THE SAME SANE Action.

  We were always DUE National News Press Conferences host mediated BY our very top Corporate And official leaders starting back in summer 2008 (c)(r)(tm) worlds simple free system to prevent and reverse any addiction at any level once and forever. Use of is GODs methodology to change the cause and effect cycles of all human maladies.
  New World Trillionaire ForeFounding Father most humble Keith Brent Duncan now emerges as #1 top world medical research philospher Pyschologist master meta physics procreator of your free world

  NOW !! Simply CONTACT all national News Media, ALL top Corporate Executives, and ALL top existing world leaders including all Presidents and GOV officials to use our 45 year old master host mediated GODs practice to freely liberate yourselves from the bondage slave sex drug trading trafficers starting with Robert Dee ROSE and intl Terrorists Douglas Vernon Duncan, Atty Berry Victor Reynolds now GBI Director, and focus everyone on the medical super criminals of Dr Jill Volin and Dr. Valeria Honablue easy to put on death row for massive conspiracies to drug Keith and thousands of others for absolutely NO justified legal reasons.  is New World, New Life Order for All of Humanity. each Sunday commands All World Presidents + Corporate Executive Leaders + all Pastors + Public finally fast path mediate WHO are the worst criminals by public exposure by on FOIA.ONE

   Drug Abuse and Wars prevented by as everyone knows drugs are used to profit the Criminal Ruling Elite. is the only GODs answer.  Achieves total world Global Equality Peace by Contact Keith + world Leaders.  These are the prime and only solutions to remove illegal drug use from all of society. provides the absolute answers.

  The EVVB* Evidence File from Atlanta Peachford Charter Hospital March 28, 2009 puts entire Duncan CLan and Dr. Valeria Honablue, Dr. Jill Volin, Atty Jimmy Deal, Robert Dee ROSE terrorists in +30 years prison and even death row for conspiracy to murder Keith and thousands of others based on their false witness and crimes against humanity by force drugging anyone based on all other evidence seen at world changing reverses all drug abuse by YOU each community dealing with the root cause of any addiction. Any Drug Addict (includes ANY self serving vice) must save themselves by replacing the root cause of their excuses.

  Keith Brent Duncan is the most highest IQ research scientist Civil Right Activist Investor Angel Guardian World Leader who may die soon based on multilevel true conspiracies to murder my people.  March 14, 2022


  Simple use of GODs original engineered peace system of is GOD empowerment of  each of you to work WITH any addict of any issue and actually help them resolve SOLVE Prevent the cause of their addiction. Includes alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, smoking, murder.

  Tom, Charles, + CEO Founder Keith Brent Duncan require immediate Direct CALLS and minor manna funding of $1,000 USD/day to complete all aspects of World paridigm shift was always the ONLY GODs way.

  Everyone MUST call TOM HAAG and ask him his personal experience as a Cocaine WEED user and national distributor mostly using OUR USPostal service mail and OUR internet to book remote massive drug deals internationally long long ago.

  Certainly YOU and FBI, HLS, DEA will provide him safe haven against ROSE and International Terrorist Drug/Gun runner Douglas Vernon Duncan, Cary NC since Keith already filed TPO against Doug many times Aug 2021 and was told in person by Judge Christina Wyzchek I could never prove DOUG was in NC when he sent me 3 US emails over 3 days in 2016 threatening to dispatch his assassination gun club to kill me in person in Phillipines Region 2, then Manila. WHO profits from crime?

  He claims he went clean after he was arrested back in 2011 when Keith met him Oct 25, 2011 being illegally transported cross country seen at

 Updated Dec 5, 2021.  NOW, any of you can be forced drugged in any mental hospital Hell JAIL indefinitely based on USAGOV Versus Keith Brent Duncan New Enforced Suprement Court Justice Precedent law 968 2d EDVA 753 Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 conspiracies to overthrow OUR government and world of GOD focused sovereign Citizens.  Norfolk VA Federal Judge Raymond Jackson now will be forced drugged using his own criminal conspiracy illegal laws, same as any other terrorist like Douglas Vernon Duncan and Atty GBI Director Berry Victor Reynolds + so many others.  Depopulation of GODs free will citizens was always the LUCIFER AGENDA.

  Related:  Con Gradulations to each of you for discoverying that Criminal Cyber Terrorists build War Machines using YOUR ass-sets by claiming ATTACK OFFENSIVELY FIRST, then build DEFENSE systems to prevent Enemy from attacking us as a deterrent. Most of these madmen use Poison Gas, drugs, offerings of prostitute sex, food, literally anything to entice our people be killed by military action directed by the worst BANKseters in world history.  No end of this madness until destruction of life as GOD procreated each of us to be PeaceMakers, not WarLords of deception that goes back to criminal addiction enhanced propagated by all the DRUG and SEX abuse human trafficing slavery.  Each time someone makes a killing in the stock or bank market trades, everyone else suffers to extreme of being GASSED or Force Drug Medicated to DEATH while the most cruelest medical doctors like

   Dr. Jill Volin of UNC-CH criminally profiteer claiming they can FIX a persons mental condition by DRUGGING them to death. Terrorist JILL VOLIN at +1 704-433-2324 Broughton Mental hell and was at Butner Mental Hell Jail Raleigh NC year 2012-2013 before she was fired for being criminally insane incompetent.

   She also will be FORCE MEDICATE experimented on like she did to Keith Duncan spring 2012- Jan 28, 2014 Butner Medical Hell Jail, then put to DEATH as HER False Testimony exceeds the crimes against humanity conducted by these 10 Worst Criminal doctors:

   Most POWERFUL profitable GODs methodology is PREVENTION that reverses the root cause and resuliting effects.

All Pandemics and Crime Enterprists are based on the Spider Web model including ring hubs as the issue spreads outward consuming all victims in its multiple mutated pathways.

  To PREVENT Spread of any pandemic disease and/or Crime enterprises, here is GODs methodology.

1. First carrier of any new disease (or crime method) travels remotely by stealing, lieing it's theft identify, then hiding from detection while recruit converting next layer ring of victims to continue the spread outward until all consummarble material or energy is depleted.  First traveler of any new disease obviously infects those in close proximity. Once they are diagnosed with a new viral disease, the following data mined driven solutions prevent the pandemic spread in less than 6 weeks based on statistical data modeling perfected some 40 years ago by Keith.

2. With advent of GODs technology pioneered by Keiths elder #1 top computer science engineering groups, the first report of the issue must be shared with public through FOIA.ONE.   All Phone Companies, CheckPoint officials, even Open Circuit TV autoface recognizes each person. All cell phones are constantly recorded of our GPS locations triangulated by wifi routers and cell towers WE GODs people paid to construct and maintain.

3. Simple SQL matching of medical records and GPS locations, our system notifies large percentage of possible infected citizens to self isolate and be tested locally to prevent mutated effects.

4. Worst WMD are genetically modified DNA weapons of mass distruction including original SIN of LUCIFER agenda heresay. He said, She Said all used to persecute and murder the most intelligent scientists who work for GOD and each of you.

   BOOK US today to SPEAK to your Mayor + Police sponsered lead groups, any CHURCH, any town hall forum to teach our young and old adults HOW to fast path PREVENT DRUG abuse by showcasing end results of death, rape, murder, massive crimes against humanity being conducted by LUCIFERS past 5500 years.

  Even TOM acts like a scared little puppy when the show lights turn on...

   The ONLY way to reverse drug + any other addiction is for the Addict to replace their brain mindset with positive play it forward systems of

  First requirement is for each of you to counsel with best top Mentor to be drug free.
  Delivered by GODs Duncan of, this was always easy to reverse drug addictions by removing the motivation to commit vice, sin, and crimes.  Each person was always empowered to replace their addictions of Self loathing instant gratification escape from Gods reality by taking drugs, immoral sex, thievery, lying, murder, and other forms of denying why each of you were pro-created in Gods first place.

   Everyone now uses and including most famous non-judgmental town hall forum meeting system detailed at to decide the next best project including WHO are the addicts to lift them out of poverty by providing basic food, shelter, and a job so each of you can actually earn your own livings. No more handouts, Social Security, Disability Insurance, Food Stamps,  free needle + drugs programs and legalized drug addictions that are always used by the most ruthless Pirates of the High Corporate World known as criminal ruling elite. destroys all these Corporate Lucifers at one time.

Pure new world non-judgmental economics of each person who is healthy, is able to work to earn a living. Drug addiction is obsoleted once and forever once everyone  contacts + protects keiths life, commands recovery of our over $500 Million USD Real and Punitive damages. EVERYONE must command host mediated press conference televised conclaves NOW to be held in your communities to use what GOD himself sent KEITH to deliver. HOW to resolve and prevent literally any greed focused issue.

  Who do you know to CONTACT and BOOK Keith Duncan and Tom Haag today. Updated Sept 25. 2021  Best to call Keith direct and email/call Tom as he is so afraid of being a new world millionaire as I taught him Oct 19-24 2011 on that ride from HELL Las Vegas Nevada to Cherokee County Georgia after being kidnapped Oct 3 2011 based on Robert Dee ROSE remotely ordering we be murdered by ?? USA Gov.

  Prison and rehabilitation is a horrible waste of taxes and time since few addicts will ever deal with their own root issues and literally replace their addiction with positive relationships and ability to actually earn a living using and asking for top world mentors and pastors to help them be positive contributors to the wealth and welfare of all others.  Only provides all the answers.

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Use the files on right to Command USA Gov + Press re-publish all these Solutions for World Benefits.

Watch video series

  The famous auto-play Video is running above.   Last world Update Dec 30, 2020 by CEO forefounding father SaintKeith Duncan.

   Our entire world goes DRUG FREE with Keiths NGsystem economic shown + + WorldSchoolFund.

Use of required. 

Since the invention of Drugs 5000 years ago, Criminals have used them to enslave GODS people by denying them rights to DECIDE everything about their very own GODs reality.  TOM HAAG and KEITH DUNCAN are worlds leading ANTI DRUG expert KeyNote Speakers based on reality of our mutual experience with so so many CON-ARTISTS who say anything to convince GODs people to escape reality with 'JUST try this, you will feel great, no more problems once THEY=YOU are completely bombed out of your mind and are incompetent, even declared criminally insane to prevent the death row executions of the top terrorists who use DRUGS to enslave MY people. Last updated Dec 31, 2020

Once everyone uses EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE to eliminate all crime networks forever and restore GOD's gifted assets back to our FREE WORLD society all middle class small business owners who OWN and control mortal careTake all infrastructure. NO more Criminal Ruling Elite, corrupt politicians, crime family dynasties exist once our 7.8 Billion people use 100% direct Democracy UNIocracy.ORG of the following simple ordained, divined methodology. Restart your life with then proceed to overtheow all those who violate YOUR rights to be free will sovereign Citizens who decide YOUR own reality and destiny GODs fate.

  For our young adults, USE that shows HOW to STAY BUSY creating our new world WORLD as YOU are the new world leders using EVOTE.ONE and all other aspects of cross referenced methods seen by world on

  Once all LUCIFER agenda criminals are put on Death Row, Citizens arrests, and 2=10 day max Speedy Trial convictions if guilty by order of citizens stored forever as evidence in world famous FOIA.ONE, then WE the PEOPLE clearly claim the pirated assets as our own to build new Schools, free public education, FREE high speed kInternet, pay for rebuild of OUR energy and water systems, RETURN GODs land to WE the PEOPLE as we OWN and CONTROL everything.  This webcast also describes how USA GOV named officials were Bribed extorted by ROSE to DRUG keith duncan to DEATH and drive him INSANE for reality that ROSE ROBBED and cyberAttacked Keith from Summer of 2010 when 3 Black young men ROBBED keith's Norcross GA home to steal his most valuable GODs commodities of GODs time and the SAME universal stabilizing system of UNIocracy that was almost perfected and already deploy delivered Sept 25, 2011 to USA SolutioNmiltary.

  Keith was criminally GAGGED and Drugged Spring 2009, again Oct 3 2011 Jan 28, 2014, then Oct 5-Nov 18 2018 by criminals who all knew Berry Vic Reynolds, Robert DEE ROSE, Alexander Cyclone Covey and Duncan CLAN conspired to murder keith after they EACH defradued keith of legally binding contracts, robbed both Keiths Atlanta Homes, then filed 4 TPO Gag orders to prevent YOU keiths peole from elimiinating all criminals from the face of GODs earth.  Call TOM, FBI Chris Wray, DOD, DOJ, Press, everyone you know in ANY order.

  OnExactly Sept 25, 2011 we requested SAFE Haven, direct access to ANY GOV or Corpo Database to train OUR investigators how to cross reference find ANYone who violates any existing laws. FOIA.ONE solves and prevents any current and  future crimes.

   July 10, 2020 Today we contact again Cavite Gov Remulla staff Vivian 0917-991-6118 on same 44 year old original system on how to redistribute massive wealth back to We the PEOPLE. Sad reality is few understand the gravity of the crimes committed remotely by NYC and other financial center persons.
### World ReBroadcast #1122 On July 9, 2020. ForeFounding Father SaintKeith Brent Duncan announces the nomination of our small crusader peace making group to establish our own new world society UNIocracy. Our Constitution is established at SolutionManifesto located at as the wolds last non-government 100% people focused entity enterprise Peace Keepers of UNIocracy who are free of greed and corresponding linked vice, sin, and crime. Our controlling factors are our people who decide the next best project for us to research and provide the solution that benefits everyone using 5 Steps.  Our prime focus is world peace making since the old systems of national political parties and the old United Nations has de-evolved to be controlled by named bankers, Stock market Brokers, and industrialists who decided long ago how to deceive our people by always paying themselves with our first profits from any business transaction.
  “Blessed are they who observe justice, who do righteousness at all times!” Psalms 106:3 ESV   now Acts of Keith 1:4
    July 9, 2020. Since criminals hate to be exposed on Death Row and Open Circuit TV trial by our peers, I, Keith Duncan, do hereby announce I am nominated to run for President of UNIocracy New world society as your new world leader who needs no bodyguards, hides nothing, and mediates our world to be open public society when No Government or Mega Corporate Officials will ever be allowed to violate our rights to be free of all crime networks. Simply call our Angel Guardians and escort us to testify as we have everything completed to gift back to all humanity. As I clearly stated back in Sept 2011, the only two requirements are my health and security. Both have been threatened to point of my being murdered so many times, I lost count. Surely our new world system will now be your new world order when everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, Who trades what with who and GPS when/where/and why. Open General Ledgers, all trade transactions, and communally shared all of my Father Gods resources are the true answer for why I am still alive south of Manila. Here I am, already world famous for surviving by ONLY telling and showing the absolute truth my entire life. kbd. 1:11am.
  I offered to go with my USA Military Sept 25, 2011 to seize Robert Dee Rose. Same as today. here i am.
  Citizens Arrests are key to immediate prosecution at local levels to prevent Liar Lawyer Judge issues.
Use of puts any corporate Executive banker, Broker, and cyber criminal groups in Prison and death row for violation of hiding secret business deals and criminal enterprises starting with Robert Dee Rose.

#1 PRIORITY is seizure of Robert Dee Rose and for USA Military or FBI to FIND Keith and place me into protective custody to TESTIFY against over 100 criminals and terrorists controlled by ROSE's crime network including + fired AG DOJ sally q yates, Cobb County GA USA DA Berry Vic Reynolds, and every single Judge, Prosecutor, Police, DA from Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 kidnap conspiracies and destruction of public court certified evidence.

  TAKE ACTION is the prime command for all 7.7 Billion People to UNIFY mankind. is UTOPIA of your new world free of all crime and slave trading by the Criminal ruling Elite. is the only new Cooperative world solution to eliminate all Governments and mega Corporations. eliminates all corrupt Judges and judicial officials including all Liar-Lawyers. combines all world military into one single Peace Keeping Force of Criminal Investigators. is the single new world commandments to UNIFY humanity forever. Support Keith's teams today by commanding World Leaders use these solution methods. These return infrastructure ownership back to our +7.7 Billion People. We eliminate the need for almost ALL Governments, any dynasty, and almost all corporations with these new world single solutions found here and cross referenced on New World Systems.


Three Years ago, Keith personally handed this to PNP Chief Bato Dela Rose at Press Conferences Camp Crame. He is now newly elected Senator of Philippines. We have a team meeting him Thursday July 11, 2019 at Senate room in Manila. NOTE: did not happen since so many of our Leaders are TOO BUSY cleaning up mess of previous parties and focused only on themselves...

  CRITICAL:  Tom Haag in Las Vegas +1(702) 349-9337 was 702-458-0404 has disappeared for past 9 years, even since Oct 24, 2011. He has all evidence of major crime networks and also REFUSES to go to USA GOV to command they find keith and protect my life.  Updated last Dec 30, 2020

  Manhuntall.SPACE shows ALL evidence turned over to EVERYONE at DOJ DOD Press humanity levels each time we showed HOW to prevent and reverse all criminal actions by holding EACH person accountable to REPORT and convict any crimnal use of

USA GOV owes keith and his crusaders over $500 Million USD per that puts over 100 people into PRISON and even Death ROW for ties to #1 world terrorist Robert Dee Rose based on all evidence shows most massive true reality conspiracies of cyber crime, electronic terrorism, sedation, murder, treason, espionage, and other crimes against humanity run BY ROSE and other crime networked families. Even the Philippine GOV has failed to cure our people of alcohol, drug, gambling, sex prostitution, and other human trafficing sins because of the total failure of Politicians to represent the rights of our people rather than diverting taxes and contracts to their election contributors and family run dynasties. 100% true. All solved with Divined Ordained crusader master teaching of and other Cooperative Unification Collective Organizations too numerous to keep re-broacasting.

    A former drug dealer-user named TOM in Las Vegas Nevada, has all the details as he was personally trained +7 years ago, then in Dec 2014 on HOW to teach all world leaders and others how to PREVENT DRUG ABUSE by restoring new world economy back to our collective people.


   Tom would have been a mega millionaire and world reknowned keynote speaker on Drug Abuse Prevention if he had ever completed any of the tasks I paid him $425 USD to take action.  He has not been going to FBI, AG, PRESS and other world leaders because of the common fear the 'GOVERNMENT is OUT TO GET US for minor violations'. This is partially true reality as individuals INSIDE our GOV agencies commit crimes thinking they are immune from investigations and convictions BECAUSE they control the flow of ' Secret' Investigation data based evidence.

    NOW FOIA.ONE one open public un-hackable database links to ALL Other Crime investigation databases as READ ONLY so everyone can see any accusation and crime evidence.  NO MORE can any criminal pay off our judicial system to destroy crime evidence and timelines of possessions.  


    July 21, 2018. The true single answer to destruction of all drug abuse and illegal use is as our world now fearlessly protects the rights of all others with the New World Economy of SolutionHousing.ORG and

Update May 6, 2018. Integrity count: 255.  This is your Perfected New World Society UNIocracy.ORG Free of All Crime with self balancing checks and balances in God's name. Contact and BOOK Tom Haag in Las Vegas Nevada xxx, as he is waiting to book to come to your greatest places of need. Tom and your old world people continues to deny the fact that Drug Abuse is a crime of habit driven by underground crime enterprises in cabal league with very powerful Corporate Executives and Corrupt Politicians. Our growing biblical integrity based teams all teach our world HOW to prevent drug abuse by being Small Business Owners to save our world from underground crime enterprises who enslave our billions of people with illegal and prescription drugs and alcohol with the Hitler Propaganda campaigns of 'DO DRUGS Responsibly'.  Same as let's legalize all crimes so we can 'commit crimes Responsibly'  This is part of Brain washed cult from the Terrorists who want us drugged and dead.  Read and take ACTION by demanding our world use and 

  Everyone benefits with FOIA.ONE open public database. eliminates all corrupt judges, liar-Lawyers, police, literally anyone who violates Constitutional Law who support and protect other criminals including those embedded inside our most corrupt judicial legal financial systems.  Destruction and withholding of criminal evidence is a crime. The worst crimes are being committed by the same Officials of the Court who think they are immune from prosecution because they work on behalf of any government. 

     'Act with the Authority of my Fearless people to protect the Rights of all others.' That is our joint world mission statement of Love and Caring.    NO ONE can EVER DENY your rights again once your new world society is created with EVOTE.ONE under 1 new world database.


     Our world wrongly thinks drug abuse is #1 issue. NOT!. Political Corruption and tax evasion underground crime enterprises are the root of all poverty resulting in massive world illegal and prescription drug abuse that kills brain cells, causes lunatics, and generally creates new slave traded drug induced economies run by the Criminal Ruling Elite.

  The true revelation revolution is all middle class small business owners of UNIOCRACY.ORG New World Society who are so busy creating new products and services while almost no taxes and NO government oversight interference, they now would be criminally incompetent to use alcohol, drugs, and other reality depression replacement avoidance methods versus leading fulfilling fruitful positive lives by FEARLESSLY PROTECTING the RIGHTS of all others.


THE ONLY Answer solution is to destroy the DEMAND as anyone can make the SUPPLY. 

  The root cause is always political corruption and crime lords who cause mass poverty as our people use drugs and vice to escape reality of GOD's original design and created fellowship of one world society communities that exist WHEN my people RISE up to solve their own issues with bible integrity Solution Final right now. Protect Keith's life and you will be 'reformed' + SolutionHousing.ORG.

    Jan 9, 2018  Once  EVOTE.ONE become YOUR reality of new world society, anyone getting drunk or doing drugs will be outcast by society until they CLEAN UP THEIR ACT with help of all religious communities united by as all civil groups and churches work TOGETHER to teach all communities HOW to solve their own issues in GOD's Holy Name.

When everyone is their own small business owner earning more assets they own, they would be criminally stupid and incompetent to be high on any drugs.   This is basis for CEOSPace.NET + + World UNIFICATION step by step REFORMATION.

  USE these only answer solutions shown below  and on clearinghouse to rebuild GOD's paradise of Heaven as it was created intended for here on Earth.  Refusals of anyone to use EVOTE.ONE identifies them as criminals, terrorists, and self entitlement fools.

A keynote speaker for all Churches, Civic groups, and Government forums is Tom Haag of Las Vegas Nevada USA. Book him + his growing Evangelist Crusader teams to teach YOUR city how to solve all their base root issues using Solution Final methods of 5 simple steps

    Book Keynote Speaker Anti-Drug expert TOM HAAG and Master Sage Visionary #1 Anti Crime Technologist Expert to your churches + civic groups and to go on National TV-Radio news media. Invite also our supporting Master Pastors + CEOSPACE.NET with   Following just updated Jan 7, 2018.

1. Send keith the name/contact/email of the best law firm who actually upholds Constitutional Laws. I STILL Must have a Bull DOG law firm who can easily file each civil , felony crime charge. Starts with Subpoenas or just simple SEARCH and SEIZURE as ROSE already escaped USA as I asked him point blank Aug 22, 2011 TPO 11.1.8376.99. That was exactly 6 months to the day of Feb 23, 2011 TPO 11.1.1171.99 Cobb County criminal conspiracies that are too numerous to continue re broadcasting.  

2. Send names/contact #'s/ emails of the most recent pastors, deacons, and others who SEE the BILLIONS of$$$ involved in recovery restitution. 

3. Tell all they can easily receive the $2 Million USD on ROSE's head. and does the job.. 

4. Tell all churches and even CIVIC groups they receive $1 MILLION USD for proving they GO TO THE PRESS and TOP GOV officials.  Anyone can VIDEO record and document WHAT I have done on their very own merit.  FEW people use off shelf technology to record history to PROTECT their own civil legal rights and to FORCE-DEMAND criminals be arrested and put away as dangerous to rest of society.  

5.  your move. as the most powerful CHECKMATE in world history has always been the ARRESTS of ROSE and his +100 linked RICO crime network. now points to new   I just updated as this is also 100% direct related.

6. SEND me any photos of Robert Dee ROSE + his crime associates as well as his Paradise Island yachts (Running with the Roses, and the people he has hanging on him. For they too are WITNESSES who can easily be FOUND to turn him in to MILITARY, INTERPOL, FBI, or just tie him up with these documents attached and place him in CHAINS on the front steps of any FBI or Federal Courthouse with a noose around his neck. The PRESS will go gloriously VIRAL covering any of these +50 WORLD saving events already published on HOW this is going to FINALLY OCCUR..   Add on: what is other name of his YACHT, Running with the Roses. His original $1 million fake charter fishing tellcomm cyber crime center was 'DIXIE ROSE' harbored somewhere near crime center he PRE-WIRED with MY MONEY of $109,800 and used MY anti crime technology to create reverse 'firewalls' against detection.  He complained year 2007 that payments BACK to of about $4 Million USD was delayed because of the installation of COPPER ROOF on top. (A lie or was this also part of ANTI-SPYING technology as HARD to remote eavesdrop through COPPER (Faraday Cage ) look that up as I have extensive experience with those from my Atlanta Digital Communications Association days 1984 to 1989.

    All Drug Enforcement Agencies worldwide will NOW combine their resources through OPEN PUBLIC SOURCED database to finally eliminate all crime networks because all citizens use RELIGION centers to resolve their very own root causes of WHY DRUG ABUSE has enriched the criminal ruling elite.   ANYONE can book Evangelist Broadcast Crusader teams to teach YOU, our people how to TRANSFORM and UNIFY our world to be all 100% small business owners . This alone also destroys all crime family dynasties in the Holy Name of my own FatherGOD, Christ Jesus, Allah, Buddha and all other legitimate God centered deities.  I return back to HEAVEN as I have announced months ago since I have yet to recruit and incorporate OTHER Messianic Messengers of integrity driven mindsets who have level of intellectu to actually COMPLETE these ordained divined missions of total mercy, grace, and social justice  = 

Feb 20, 2018    Today, I personally met Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque for 3 hours at CLC christian Leadership Conference with 250 pastors and very high level gov leaders. Personally handed him and the ONE page WORLD Request for PRESS conferences for WORLD LEADERS to DEBRIEF each other. For I dead seriously KNOW no one has ever done anything but object or turn away. The Integrity counters on these most profound and required websites NEVER bump up UNLESS I contact the NEXT world leader and general citizen. The PUBLIC, Leaders, CHurches, and all these law enforcement and GOV leaders have FAILED to do the most obvious.

     HOST PRESS CONFERENCES which was always the PRIME answer solution to GO FORTH and MULTIPLE, the Great Commission to go forth and make disciples. I was busy visiting Dept of EDUCATION headquarters today, then, then the campus of Philipines Mental Health and spoke directly with the Chief Medical Officer on (Just updated) and that soon virtually massive reduction in drug use and also fully Identifies how USA GOV drugs whistle blowers to PREVENT criminals from being exposed because MONEY talks, Criminals WALK.  Read below on what USA GOV did to almost martyr the TOP anti crime expert and psychology R&D forensic computer science and spiritual advisor expert, keith duncan. 


  May 28, 2017.  Click: Facebook/DrugWar   Drug abuse has always been how criminals and 'the Criminal Ruling Elite' devastate their victims and often entire populations. Everyone, contact Nation News Media, DEA, Philippines National Police Chief Bato Dela Rosa, NBI Ferdie Lavin, FBI, all churches, Interpol, and your viral social media networks today. This is the ONLY solution to rid our entire world of black market drug induced slavery once and forever. The USA remains imprisoned by their own inabilities to deal with the horrific addictions.  Killing all the demand makes the supply worthless, actually a criminal liability for possession. Read to end and TAKE ACTION by direct contacting Duncan through today.  Use ONLY solutions to overthrow all crime.

    The recent USA and Philippine accusations are complete politic devastation by the media and PR preventing relief aid from ever helping and your world. Once old style politicians are elected, you, my 7.5 billion people are enslaved as criminal terrorists are already inside almost all government agencies, the media, and controlling the electronic databases of public news, bank $$, trading markets, black market crime enterprises, and black-op attacks against everyone in order to declare marital law, shutdown all communications, and depopulate humanity so they can finally rule as unopposed MonkeyKings.INFO warlords. 

  A perfect example is the British Opium Drug Trade wars of era 1831 in Hong Kong and China. The simple and obvious answer is to systematically kill both the supply and demand at the same time. and the line item #2, #3, #4 of show how fulfilled and happy people never resort to drug use/abuse to medically escape the poverty and slave trading enterprises that enrich those who control these sinister kingdoms. RISE UP and TAKE ACTION by demanding your own leadership deploy today to forever remove all criminal rogue agents inside your governments.   Even a few USA rogue agencies were involved directly in CLICK: Guns for Drugs in SouthEast Asia in 1960's-1980

     TAKE Action with the authority of Fearless People to protect the rights of all others is the central directive I teach our entire world. Too many cults brainwash my 7.4 Billion people to be status quo, expecting self-entitlement programs to 'save them' from poverty, and to never command their leadership protect their civil, ownership, and legal rights. Removing all Political criminals from society with Interpol gifted also shuns all other criminals like ROSE with easy face recognition and one international Identifier to create the one degree of separation betwen all of humanity.  Everyone benefits by full scale transparency of all transactions and business contracts by removing all the forever who steal you blind by controlling your electronic information and forcing you into slave trade practices.

Crystal Meth in the Philippines: Click:  Shabu

“One of the fastest growing drug problems in the world is with ‘ice’ or crystal meth. It is known as shabu in the Philippines where official estimates suggest that about seven million people — almost 10 per cent of the population—use the drug.”  The USA suffers from massive drug abuse that is solved by BuiltByKeith Partner Evangelist World Broadcast Ministries.  Contact Keith for all these Solutions for mankind.


  President Duterte and ALL governments with law enforcement will be overwhelmed with joy using the most obvious clear solutions to rid our world forever of drug abuse.  Putting all known drug users and traffickers on signed reporting notice is the first step. This includes prescription drug resell fraud abuse.  The top level drug lords will kill off those who threaten their drug empires like Mexican Pablo Escobar. See Line item #2 to wipe out the drug supply while demand drops to ZERO because humanity eliminates the need for all harmful vice in the first place using  All vices are the #1 escape methods used by the lowest classes since the 'Criminal Ruling Elite' thrive on uneducated blinded fools who can not see they are being enslaved by their own greed and deceptions.


The New World UNIocracy Society Commandments are:

1. Uphold the original 10 Commandments. Work is allowed on our Sabbath when it benefits all others first,

2. LOVE and CARE for all others with all your heart, soul, mind, and assets of your time and wealth.

3. Enforce Ethics and Integrity of all others using eVOTE.ONE and 1 Final Open Public Database

4. Fearlessly protect the Rights of all others in order to sustain total Peace and Harmony in your communities.

5. Each of you are personally held accountable to report any crime situation to the authorities. Refusals automatically implicate you for conspiracy coverups.  You face Judgment Days by your peers with Evote.ONE.

6. Outreach cooperative ministries is also your tithe obligations to everyone you meet. ChristDomain SolutionIslam

7. Actively prevent civil right violations by empowering all religion and civil civic associations to be the educational and mediation centers for all communities as we all live on God's borrowed time and loaned assets.

8. Provide for the basic needs of all others so they will provide you protection of your rights and reciprocal love.

9. Use each and every final testimony testament solution answer methodology seen on BuiltByKeith Cross Referenced Matrix.

10.  Protect, Use, and guard these ordained + divined answers to ensure these Last Will and Testament answers survive to the end of all eternity.  Refinements are encouraged with Solution Final method as long as all benefit.

11. Solve your own issues first before you advise others on related associated sin vices of others. shows how to unload your own repetitive stress disorders in enable you to think freely and 100% positive like keith.


  These are all Keith/GOD's Truth to by teaching our entire world how to Love and Care for each other.

    WATCH this ONE SolutionFinal  VIDEO   created Sept 4, 2011 all about killing all existing CORRUPTION with the Integrity, Virtue, + biblical centered ways to PREVENT greed, civil, and felony crimes by full scale transparency over all leaders by the citizens.

Click: to learn how to become one degree of separation  between all +7.39 Billion of your fellow humanity. This was my 1st Gift to mankind.  Bonus: shows how to use technology to solve your issues with mind maps.. 

Extra: auto-play video series to our mutual citizens shows how to solve almost all world problems.

Use + Follow these 5 steps

        for the rest of your life and you will be rewarded with riches...
  These are 100% Integrity based as absolutely everyone benefits, or there is no solution step #3.
1. Break all rules. Start with a clean slate. This is a PAPER and group exercise.
2. Picture a tree or grapevine. Take the ROOT problem and create a fast-path top  solution to solve issue  This solution often causes branch problems. Provide solutions for each branch problem recursively until a complete Solution Set emerges.  John 15:1-18
3. Your Solution Set must benefit everyone in the following exact and critical order.
   If all parties are not benefited, discard and return to step #2, or start over with #1.
- For Business.  a:Vendor   b:Client c:Self  d:Employee  e:Manager  f:Executive
   structure  g:Shareholder h:Competitors  i:Our world  j:Creator himself.
- For family + community.  a:Children  b:Spouse  c:Self  d:Neighbors  e:City  f:State
   g:Nation  h:World  and of course,  I:Creator himself.
- For Religion. a:Others  b:Creator  c:Self -How much simpler can this be? When you
   Care and Love Others, you are taking care of GOD's and MY OWN PEOPLE.
4. Make new rules using the solution set. Discard original rules from #1 as you have created your new solution set that will sequentially solve other problems too !  This Bypasses and voids all previous bad mandates and laws.
5. LOVE OTHERS is GOD's command.  1 Corinthians Chapter 13 and Mark 12:30-31 with emphasis on 13:13 which solves the PREDATORY GREED of the hypocrites, cynics, blinded fools and all criminal brood of vipers such as super terrorist seen on: unifies all churches, governments, people with


  A most recent perfect example is the use of psychotropic drugs to kidnap USA citizens when paid off by Terrorists. Ask Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and everyone connected to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 death threats to testify about their own signed confessions shown on and delivered back to each top law enforcement agencies including Interpol and United Nations testimony to prevent all wars.

  The actual and truly 'only' solution is to remove the demand. Therefore the supply is worthless and no longer a black-market and 100% profitable criminal commodity.  This shown by the famous Diagram one way transfer of extreme wealth to those who control our slave trading enterprises known as the legal, judicial, and financial systems.  How many people do you know with a criminal record for drug abuse, use, trading, and other related criminal activities because it was their 'escape' from working class reality to obtain cash.  

  How many people do you know who abuse prescription drugs and resale to others highest bidders as their own source of criminal income that leads to prison for those who can not pay off law enforcement and hire lawyers to destroy evidence by diverting attention away from their many criminal activities that profit sociopath criminals like Robert Dee Rose.

   Does everyone know the USA government uses court ordered drug medications to force inmates into total submission and compliance to prevent them from entering Federal Witness Protection Program to keep high ranking Government officials from being convicted of massive treason, espionage, murder, and even sediation against our own Government and people?  This done by the AG office on the basis of a single word: Incompetent as judged by highly paid and non-qualified consultant psychologists such as Raleigh NC Jill Volin (UNC-Chapel Hill) is the worlds first unified standard of government that ensures and enforces total transparency of all leadership by the technology monitored control by the Will of the Majority of Citizens.   Welcome to your new mandated World Order as all law enforcement, Military, Interpol, United Nations, Press, Churches, and Public have always been directly contacted for +8 years.  of United Nations International is for all Citizens to Act With Authority for the benefits of all others. As soon as these world class and saving solutions go public, everyone shall hold themselves accountable as well as maintain all Peace and Order at your commUNITY levels by managing and controlling your own governments and corporations.  This results in the worlds largest transfer of criminal wealth back to all people by eliminating the 'Criminal  Ruling Elite'.

     This results in the collapse of all corrupt government organizations and criminal corporate enterprises since they will no longer have ability to function other than to maintain basic infrastructures of commerce, products and services, safe water and food, road and transportation systems, basic health care, emergency services, and monitoring for criminals who escape Interpol like Our world will be monitored by a single multi-national World Military Force who monitors for all political corruption using,, +,, and the other comprehensive non political provided by FollowKeith,, CreatorKeith, and Prime Consultant/#1 Sovereign Ambassador Emissary
   For the simple basic four By-Pass laws of prevent anyone from criminally profiting and racketeering from their leadership positions at any level of society.  Technology and Education are the ultimate solutions combined with biblical principals of integrity, honesty, open public records, virtue, humbleness,  and the compliance oversight of ethical business transactions using the prime visionary products and services of trade such as USA published patented,, and publically broadcasted gifted, (patent applied for in 2012) (Nobel Peace Worthy), and the other comprehensive solutions that prevent all crimes from going undetected and unpunished at absolute minimum taxpayer expense.


Click HERE for the original for

Sept 25, 2011, 9:00 PM

Keith visits USA Military Langley AirForce Base to ask for protection while HE and Military debrief FBI-AG of massive political corruption and cybercrimes against the USA government and military. OSI Capt Chris Weber (757)764-5087, 5091

Oct 3, 10:00 AM MST

Keith kidnapped in Las Vegas Nevada so ROSE could steal the rest of Keith's multi-m-billion IP assets and threaten his life with attempted murder for 848 days. ROSE GA DrvLic 054217049

Jan 28, 2014, 10:00 AM

Keith dumped on street by USA Government homeless, destitute, and never charged with any legal violation or crime. Keith visits FBI within hours, then days, now 1.8 years later, still has DEADLY SILENCE from everyone, 4:11cr112 is the worse Landmark Miscarriage of Injustice in USA, even world history. The real and punitive damages exceed $500 MIllion USD in SF-95 Federal Torts Claims Acts and felony capital crimes starting with Attempted Murder, destruction of almost all Court Documents, transcripts, testimony, etc, all to prevent USA Miitary from protecting Keith's sovereign rights.


Sept 25, 2015 Pope Francis addresses Joint USA Congress and United Nations. Keith will attend when USA Military simple calls Keith's cell and escorts him to the Press Conference series of all times. Who protects Keith now ?  It has always been easy to contact and ask Keith any question at all.


Your date Destiny, 2016-2019

   USA government, Press, U.N, Interpol, others invite and escort Keith back to USA or Europe for Press Conferences to finally show all these criminals and felony capital crimes against humanity to the world.

Your Date and Time."


Keith's Message

Act with Authority of Fearless People to protect the rights of all others. Do this to ensure your own survival, prosperity, and wealth as the criminals are shunned by and gifted to Interpol Jan 7, 2015 and subsequent ordained broadcasts to our entire world. TAKE ACTION today before you are enslaved by the Criminal Ruling Elite one last time.  The choice is always yours.

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